At Garton’s Cape, we will help you bring your loved ones or colleagues together to celebrate special occasions and events, and will ensure that your day will be a success. Our talented team will partner with you to design the ideal social event, ensuring that you and your guests will feel more than welcome with our luxury settings, creative themes and delicious dining options.

Celebrate a range of events with us
Garton’s Cape is perfect to celebrate a range of special events and functions with family, friends or work colleagues. From romantic occasions such as weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries to fun celebrations such as reunions, birthday parties, kids’ parties, cocktail parties, beach parties and pool parties, there is something for all here. Garton’s Cape also has the right ambiance for networking sessions, business meetings, conferences and team building events.
We will ensure your event runs smoothly
We will plan a customizable menu that fits your requirements, budget and celebratory theme, and have on-site facilities and services ideally suited to cater to any requirement. You can select the best dining options for you, entertainment and themes that are suitable for your event, and we will help make it a success. Enjoy an incredible dining experience with us – whether your event calls for a relaxed fun atmosphere or a traditional elegant sit down service, you can be assured that our meals will be exemplary. Our team is always ready to provide a personalized service to ensure that your event or special occasion runs smoothly.

Contact Garton’s Cape today if you are looking for a luxury venue with scenic views, delicious catering and efficient service, to help turn your event into an extraordinary occasion that will be remembered for years to come.